The Board of Trustees of the Saint Barbara Foundation advises und supports the Board of Directors on a national and international level. It also decides about the yearly budget, the report on the fulfillment of the foundation’s purpose and the annual accounts.

• Georg SCHIRMBECK (former MdB, Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
• Norbert GEIS (former MdB, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees)
• Bernhard BRINKMANN (former MdB)
• Dr. Karamba DIABY (MdB)
• Alexander DRECHSEL (Journalist)
• Prälat Dr. Martin DUTZMANN (Representative of the Council of the EKD of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union)
• Dr. Gero HOCKER (MdB)
• Dr. Christoph HOFFMANN (MdB)
• Charles M. HUBER (former MdB)
• Andrea LINDHOLZ (MdB)
• Dr. Jörg LÜER (head of the Berlin office of the German Commission Justitia et Pax)
• Gesine MEISSNER (former MEP)
• Cornelia PIEPER (German Consul General in Gdansk/Poland, former Minister of State)
• Dr. Christiane RATJEN-DAMERAU (former MdB)
• Alfred SCHRÖDER (former Mayor of the City of Munster)
• Dr. Wolfgang STEFINGER (MdB)
• Hans Peter THUL (former MdB)
• Lutz WINKELMANN (former MdL Lower Saxony)
• Peter WÜRTZ (former MdB)

Former members of the Board of Trustees since the foundation in 1995:
Wolf D. von BERNUTH , Karlheinz BÖHM (Foundation “Menschen für Menschen“), Monika BRÜNING (former MdB), Otto Freiherr von CAMPENHAUSEN (former President of the Church Office of the EKD Evangelical Church in Germany), Prof. Dr. Wolf DOMBROWSKY (Professor Disaster Management), Dr. Olaf FELDMANN (former MdB), Prälat Dr. Bernhard FELMBERG (former Representative of the EKD), Dr. Peter GAUWEILER (former Minister), Dr. Abdul Samad HAMED, Wilfried HASSELMANN † (former Minister), Walter HIRCHE (former Minister), Dr. Horst HIRSCHLER (State Bishop i. R. of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church, Hanover, Abbot of the Loccum Monastery), Dr. Josef HOLIK (former Ambassador), His Royal Highness Ernst August Prince of Hanover, Dr. Tilo KESTER (former Director Nato-PCO), Lars KLINGBEIL (MdB), Walter KOLBOW (former MdB), Thomas KOSSENDEY (former MdB), Michael LEUTERT (MdB), Günther NOLTING † (former MdB), Henning OTTE (MdB), Herbert PAUER (former Presdient WBV North), Dr. Friedbert PFLÜGER (former MdB), Dr. Stefan REIMERS (former Representative of the EKD), Helmut SCHÄFER (retired Minister of State, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Prof. Dr. Peter SCHOLL-LATOUR † (Journalist), Prof. Dr. Rupert SCHOLZ (former Minister of Defense), Reinhard Freiherr von SCHORLEMER (former MdB), Father Dr. Heinrich Basilius STREITHOFEN †, Carl-Ludwig THIELE (former MdB), Tobias ZECH (former MdB), Peter ZUMKLEY (former MdB)

MdB = Member of the German Bundestag
MdL = Member of a German Landtag
MEP = Member of the European Parliament