Humanitarian Mine and Ordnance Clearance, Humanitarian Aid

The projects of St Barbara Foundation have been realised in different countries in the world, many in Africa as for example in Angola for more than 10 years, in Sudan, in Somalia or in Libya. The projects have been funded mainly by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The different tasks in humanitarian mine and ordnance clearance include among others the survey of suspected sites (technical and non-technical), the different applications in searching and removal (manual, mechanical or with dogs), the destruction of the discovered ammunition, as well as mine/ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) risk education.

Another focus of St Barbara Foundation lies in addressing the root causes of migration and flight. This includes the creation of regional self-sufficiency of people in their home countries as part of it as well as a sustainable employment and the ability to earn income.

An adequate water supply as through the construction of wells and the installation of site specific, self-sufficient, decentralised, alternative energy supply are further areas. A local, economically sustainable infrastructure that secures the running operations and the maintenance of the equipment, for example through fees or through some adequate administration, guarantees a permanent residence.

Different life situations, needs and interests of women, girls, boys and men are taken into account in all projects.

In order to fulfil all these tasks we have to invest into people. Suitable training within the projects, the communication of know-how as well as the development of knowledge and the promotion of skills in the fields concerned ensure positive expectations for the future.

The import of technology is provided only to a limited extend, where necessary. In this case of need proven and locally manageable technology are used.

The aim is, wherever possible, to develop a sustainable overall concept for the affected population.

The sustainability is guaranteed by the improvement of self-responsibility in local structures.