In former crisis areas abandoned ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) of different types, the turbulences during the so called Arab Spring and the asymmetric armed conflicts challenge new tasks and innovative approaches.

This particularly applies with regard to the used DU ammunition (armour piercing ammunition, whose projectiles contain depleted uranium) in some conflict countries as well as the chemical weapons used in Syria.

The probability to encounter chemical or radioactive material in these countries while implementing projects has increased.

The St Barbara Foundation therefore complemented its activities by NBC protection measures (protection from nuclear, biological and chemical hazards). The protection of the personnel, its targeted training, educating the affected population about the dangers to raise awareness and to promote safe behaviour as well as implementing a therapeutic/first aid regimen in cases of poisoning by chemical warfare agents are included.


→ Chemical Weapon Risk Education (CWRE)
     Awareness Training Course

2-day training course, targeted at all actors in humanitarian mine action / humanitarian aid who may potentially come in contact with chemical weapons used or stored in conflicts. Please contact us for further information.